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Structure-oriented Powder Diffractometry Group Faculty of Chemistry Jagiellonian University
keywords: new materials, design of materials,synthesis of materials, pharmacology, powder diffraction methods
offer number: 69
Materials Science and Nanomaterials Group Faculty of Chemistry Jagiellonian University
keywords: new materials, nanomaterials, lithium batteries, electrochemical measurements
offer number: 70
Organic Technology Group Faculty of Chemistry Jagiellonian University
keywords: new materials, chromatographic methods, textural studies, chemical composition analysis
offer number: 71
Department of Experimental Hematology Faculty of Biology and Earth Sciences Jagiellonian University
keywords: environment, experimental hematology, apoptosis, anticancer activity
offer number: 20
Institute of Computer Science and Computational Mathematics Faculty of Mathematics and Computer Science Jagiellonian University
keywords: Software Testing, Software Quality Assurance, machine learning, Artificial Intelligence, image processing & recognition, data mining, mathematical modeling, effective algorithm design, Graph Theory, Formal Languages and Automata
offer number: 73
Department of Modern Literary Criticism Faculty of Polish Studies Jagiellonian University
keywords: literary criticism, theater criticism, film criticism, criticism in Poland, genres of criticism, styles of criticism, contemporary literature, contemporary culture, contemporary Polish literary and cultural press, criticism and new media
offer number: 72
Department of Social Prevention and Rehabilitation Faculty of Philosophy Jagiellonian University
keywords: rehabilitation, correctional treatment, recidivism, social prevention, urban studies, discrimination, rehabilitation, social exclusion, intercultural conflicts, security, urban area, CCTV
offer number: 101
Department of Pharmacological Screening Faculty of Pharmacy Jagiellonian University
keywords: drugs, influence of drugs, obesity, biofunctional tests, safety pharmacology, monitoring of adverse events
offer number: 99
Department of the History of Literature of the Enlightenment and Romanticism Faculty of Polish Studies Jagiellonian University
keywords: history of literature, enlightenment literature, romanticism literature, symbolic culture, social knowledge, self-understanding, anthropology, literary forms, aesthetic awareness , Polish literature
offer number: 38
Centre for Comparative Studies of Civilizations Faculty of Philosophy Jagiellonian University
keywords: comparative studies, European civilization, European religions, European cultures, religious traditions, Middle East, Zaroastrianism, Iranian culture, Persian culture, Arabic World, China, Japan, Korea, religions, folk medicine, Western civilization, Islamic civilization, Confucian civilization, South Asian civilization
offer number: 39
Chair of Sociology of Law Faculty of Law and Administration Jagiellonian University
keywords: public safety, citizens safety, local safety, crime prevention, CPTED, Crime Prevention Through Environmental Design, coordination of local activities for security
offer number: 40
Jagiellonian University Human Rights Centre Faculty of Law and Administration
keywords: human rights, international human rights law, international humanitarian law of armed conflict, regulations concerning the outlawry of war, international security
offer number: 41
School of German Law Faculty of Law and Administration Jagiellonian University
keywords: German law, legal problems, economic law, European Union law, constitutional law, Polish law, Ukrainian law
offer number: 42
Department of Slovakian Studies Faculty of Philology Jagiellonian University
keywords: Slovakian language, Slovakia, Slovakia linguistic, Slavic, philological analyses, language study
offer number: 43
Department of Polish Contemporary History Faculty of History Jagiellonian University
keywords: Polish contemporary history, Polish parliamentary history, national minorities, biographies, press history, history of Krakow, history of opposition, history of the communist movement in Poland, the history of state and local government, communist Poland history, history of Polish Workers, Party and the Polish United Workers, Polish-Soviet party relations
offer number: 44
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Big Pharma Day online
Big Pharma Day online is an industry meeting on the development of drug projects, organized by CTT CITTRU, happening on March 25, 2021. The event will include expert presentations and individual meetings.
A new, effective method for obtaining common ash cuttings
Discover a new technology for obtaining cuttings of common ash developed by the interdisciplinary research team from the Jagiellonian University and the University of Agriculture in Krakow.
Development of biotization technology for commercial and ecological production of berry fruits
The scientific team from Jagiellonian University developed an inoculum that stimulates seedling growth.
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