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Innovative scintillators for medical diagnostics
keywords: computer tomography (CT), positron emission tomography (PET), single-photon emission computed tomography (SPECT), polymer scintillators
offer number: P-225, P-403
Hospital emissions: N2O abatement
keywords: nitrous oxide, hospital gases collectors, nitric acid, adipic acic, low temperature catalyst
offer number: P-270
A new method of the stereoselective synthesis of chosen medicines
keywords: asymmetric synthesis, solvent-free conditions, hydrosilylation, reduction
offer number: P-340
Carbon composites based on bacterial biomass for manufacturing of electrode materials
keywords: structural catalyst, nanocatalysis, nanoparticles, supported preparation methods, bacteria cell wall, biodeposition of active phase nanoparticles
offer number: P-425
New route to the synthesis of asenapine - an antipsychotic drug
keywords: asenapine, Saphris, Sycrest
offer number: P-432
Hydrogel hybrid material for the reconstruction of bone defects
keywords: injectable hydrogels, hybrid materials, collagen, biopolymers, bone defect, tissue grafts, surgical reconstructions
offer number: P-441
A device and a method for preparation of thin layer having a predefined spatial structure for applications in electronics and photovoltaics
keywords: third-generation photovoltaic cells, photovoltaics, consumer electronics, organic cells, nanocoatings, organic semiconductors
offer number: P-322, P-381, P-410, P-412, P-413
Navigation innovative system
keywords: navigational software, mathematical algorithm, marine/air navigation
offer number: P-427
Molecular magnetic materials
keywords: spintronics, ferromagnetism, consumer electronics
offer number: P-462, 466
Method for preparation of high-quality graphene on the surface of silicon carbide
keywords: graphene, electronics, optoelectronics, conductive coatings, sensors and biosensors
offer number: P-341
Non-invasive underwater detection of hazardous materials
keywords: sea bottom hazardous loads, sea monitoring
offer number: P-224
latest information
A new, effective method for obtaining common ash cuttings
Discover a new technology for obtaining cuttings of common ash developed by the interdisciplinary research team from the Jagiellonian University and the University of Agriculture in Krakow.
Development of biotization technology for commercial and ecological production of berry fruits
The scientific team from Jagiellonian University developed an inoculum that stimulates seedling growth.
JU scientists to develop biological agricultural support solutions
The project “Interactions between plants and microorganisms in response to the presence of potentially toxic metals, metalloids and silicon (Si)” by Prof. Katarzyna Turnau from the JU Faculty of Biology won a grant from the Polish National Agency for Academic Exchange. The study aimed at replacing the widespread use of agrochemicals with biological agricultural support solutions will also involve researchers from Slovakia and Austria.
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