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Department of Advanced Materials Engineering Faculty of Physics, Astronomy and Applied Computer Science Jagiellonian University
keywords: liquid crystals, molecular nanolayers, molecular magnetics, biosensors, advanced materials, material micro- and nanostructural testing
offer number: 86
research topics:
  • molecular engineering,
  • surface phenomena in macromolecular systems - synthesis polymers and biomolecules,
  • analysis of multimolecular films that recognize proteins or DNA, and are applied in biosensors,
  • observation of interesting biomedical properties of coatings and micropatterns made of "intelligent" (i.e. environmental stimuli-sensitive) or peptide-mimetic polymers,
  • magnetic properties of molecular crystals (the diversity of their magnetic behaviours),
  • ceramic materials, especially complex ruthenium oxides,
  • properties of wide range of mesogenic compounds, from lyotropic to thermotropic,
  • research of the molecular architecture influences (at specific thermodynamic conditions) on polymorphism, permittivity and molecular dynamics,
  • molecular nanofilms - study of surface and interfacial phenomena in macromolecular systems - synthetic polymers and biomolecules,
  • magnetism of materials - experimental investigations of magnetic properties of molecular crystals,
  • liquid crystals - properties of wide range of mesogenic compounds, from lyotropic to thermotropic, 
test equipment:
  • optical flow cryostat
  • spectrometer for testing the magnetic circular dichroism,
  • system to study the magneto-transport and calorimetric properties at very low temperatures,
  • bake for growing single crystals,
  • system for creating and analyzing thin-film systems for organic (bio)sensor:,
    scanning probe microscope type Agilent5500 (Agilent Technologies),
    interference profilometer of white light type FR-Basic (ThetaMetrisis),
  • the items to build a system of thin organic layers with preset gradients of physicochemical properties,
  • fluorescent microscope BX-51 (Olympus),
  • parts to build a system of electro-optical properties characterization of thin organic layers,
comercial research:
  • introduction of vertical phase separation (commonly known method for optimizing the performance of organic solar cell layers),
  • quantitative description of the morphology of the domain patterns of polymers and proteins fields,
  • ordering according to the template domains mixtures of conductive polymers and isolating,
  • construction of magnetic crystals,
  • determination of parameters of electrooptical ferro- and antiferroelectric liquid crystals for use in displays,
  • the study of the magnetic properties of molecular substances, including transition metal complexes,
  • measurements of: topography (AFM), mechanical (LFM), electrical (SSRM, KFM), magnetic (MFM) properties by contact and contactless mode both in liquid and in the air,
  • measuring the thickness of thin layers ranging from a few nm to a few microns; additional equipment enables the measurement of the coefficient of absorption, transmission and reflection, as well as the fluorescence spectra,
  • determination of surface tension of any liquid,
  • observation of the fluorescence of typical dyes, 

methods and research techniques:

  • magnetic circular dichroism (MCD) spectroscopy,
  • Time-of-Flight Secondary Ion Mass Spectrometry (ToF-SIMS), 
  • Scanning Probe Microscope,
  • dip- and flow-coating method,
  • hanging drop method with EasyDrop type,
  • fluorescence microscope,
variants of cooperation: contract research, project, consortium
type of services: analysis, devices for rent, expertises

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