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Department of Food Chemistry and Nutrition Faculty of Pharmacy Jagiellonian University CM
keywords: chemistry, food, analysis, plant and animal material, enzymatic activity, glycemic index , metabolism, drugs, insulin, in vitro
offer number: 85
research topics:
  • analysis of elements in plant and animal material (tissues, blood, urine),
  • analysis of the enzymatic activity (catalase, superoxide dismutase, glutathione peroxidase, glutathione reductase) in tissues and blood,
  • determination of the oxidation parameters in the plant (FRAP, DPPH) and animal material (unreduced and reduced glutathione, FRAP),
  • determination of the basic biochemical parameters (glucose, cholesterol, HDL, triglycerides, urea, ALT, AST, alkaline phosphatase) in the serum of animals,
  • determination of the glycemic index of food products,
  • surveys of foods, food preferences for specific groups of people or associated with specific diseases,
  • test of the effect of exercise on the metabolism of drugs and other substances associated with the kinetics of the tested preparations,
  • examination of the content of organic acids in plant foods,
  • research on diabetes and metabolic syndrome (various animal experimental models),
  • studies of insulin secretion and peripheral insulin resistance,
  • glucose tolerance tests in animal models,
  • insulin load test in animal models,
  • thermographic studies in animals and humans,
test equipment:
  • atomic absorption spectrometer Perkin Elmer 5100,
  • versatile microplate reader Synergy-2 BioTek,
  • biochemical analyzers Photochem and Alize,
  • isotachophoresis capillary analyzer EA 202 M,
  • spectrometer JASCO V-530,
comercial research:
  • analysis of elements by AAS method in body tissues and fluids
  • examination of antioxidant activity
  • the study of oxidative stress
  • determination of basic biochemical parameters in serum of animals
  • research into diabetes and metabolic syndrome
  • influence of physical activity on metabolism of drugs
  • insulin secretion under the influence of the test substances
  • research into activity of new drugs that reduce insulin resistance
Methods and research techniques:
  • analysis of elements - AAS method,
  • analysis of enzymatic activity - spectroscopic methods,
  • analysis of oxidative stress parameters in humans and animals and analysis of the antioxidant activity of food products or preparations – spectroscopic method,
  • analysis of biochemical parameters of blood - spectroscopic method,
  • animal studies - various animal models (mice, rats) of type I and II diabetes and metabolic syndrome,
  • animal studies - stress tess related to the kinetics of metabolism,
  • insulin secretion - isolated islets of Langerhans,
experience / references / projects:
  • measurement of Cu and Zn concentration in serum and urine,
  • analysis of antioxidant properties of fruit juices from organic farming and other functional food products,
  • in vitro analysis of antioxidant interactions of selected drugs with drinks (drinking water, mineral water, fruit drinks),
  • testing of antidiabetic activity of the compounds of vanadium with organic ligands,
  • analysis of elemental composition and antioxidant activity of berry plants,


variants of cooperation: contract research, project, consortium
type of services: analysis, devices for rent, expertises

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