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Department of Analytical Biochemistry Faculty of Biochemistry, Biophysics and Biotechnology Jagiellonian University
keywords: chemistry, biology, sequencing, proteins, peptides, molecular biology
offer number: 77
research topics:
  • Biochemical and structural characterization of bacterial virulence factors, mainly proteolytic enzymes from S. aureus
  • Biochemical and structural characterization of natural protein inhibitors of bacterial peptidases
  • Antibacterial peptides, bacteriocins and hemolysins: isolation, purification, amino acid sequence and biochemical characterization
  • Studies on hemocidins – antibacterial peptide fragments of hemoglobin
  • Studies of the role of toxin-antitoxin systems in staphylococci
test equipment:
  • low-pressure Pharmacia and BioRad systems (one apparatus works in cool room), one FPLC set (Pharmacia) and five HPLC systems (Dionex, Shimadzu, Knauer and Waters), equipped with spectrophotometric and fluorimetric detectors
  • automatic protein sequencer Procise 491 (Applied Biosystems)
  • HCT Ultra (Bruker) mass spectrometer with ESI ion source and ion trap analyzer
  • BIACORE 3000 system
  • dynamic light scattering (DLS) spectrophotometer (model DynaPro, Protein Solutions)
comercial research:
  • Isolation and characterization of proteins and peptides
  • Sequencing of proteins and peptides
  • Molecular biology, protein expression, studies on differential proteomes of microorganisms
Methods and research techniques:
  • Chromatographic techniques: reversed phase chromatography, gel filtration, ion exchange and hydrophobic interactions chromatography, at low-, medium- (FPLC) and high-pressure (HPLC) variants
  • Sequencing of proteins and peptides using an automatic protein sequencer
  • All variants of electrophoretic techniques, including 1D, 2D and differential DIGE staining
  • Molecular biology techniques: nucleic acid amplification, molecular cloning, qualitative and quantitative determination of gene expression, construction of plasmid vectors, gene manipulations (introduction and knock-out), recombinant proteins production in prokaryotic (Escherichia coli, Bacillus subtilis, Staphylococcus sp.) and eukaryotic (Pichia pastoris) hosts
variants of cooperation: contract research, project, consortium
type of services: analysis, devices for rent, expertises

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