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Department of Physical Geography Faculty of Biology and Earth Sciences Jagiellonian University
keywords: environment, landscape syntheses, landscape ecology, physical geography
offer number: 17
research topics:
  • physical geography and landscape ecology (of mountains, uplands, and the Arctic and north-European areas);
  • environmental principles of spatial management.
comercial research:
  • diagnosis of the state of natural environment and landscape, their conservation and evaluation, also for special planning;
  • experts’ reports on the environment or landscape state;
  • environmental impact assessments;
  • physiographic opinions (e.g. ecophysiographic studies);
  • regional expertises.

Methods and research techniques:

  • field research and survey (mapping);
  • analyses of aerial photos and satellite data;
  • analyses of maps and literature;
  • landscape syntheses.
experience / references / projects:
  • all equipment and instrumentation required for the aforementioned services.
variants of cooperation: contract research, project, consortium
type of services: analysis, devices for rent, expertises

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phone number: + 48 12 664 42 00
latest information
A new, effective method for obtaining common ash cuttings
Discover a new technology for obtaining cuttings of common ash developed by the interdisciplinary research team from the Jagiellonian University and the University of Agriculture in Krakow.
Development of biotization technology for commercial and ecological production of berry fruits
The scientific team from Jagiellonian University developed an inoculum that stimulates seedling growth.
JU scientists to develop biological agricultural support solutions
The project “Interactions between plants and microorganisms in response to the presence of potentially toxic metals, metalloids and silicon (Si)” by Prof. Katarzyna Turnau from the JU Faculty of Biology won a grant from the Polish National Agency for Academic Exchange. The study aimed at replacing the widespread use of agrochemicals with biological agricultural support solutions will also involve researchers from Slovakia and Austria.
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