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Department of Immunology Faculty of Biochemistry, Biophysics and Biotechnology Jagiellonian University
keywords: life sciences, cell cultures, therapeutic cancer vaccines, treatment of skin diseases
offer number: 34
research topics:
  • immune regulation by proteinase and proteinase inhibitors;
  • regulation of activity and physiological role of chemerin protein;
  • use of DNA hypomethylation and the photodynamic effect for the preparation of tumour vaccines.
test equipment:
  • flow cytometer LSRII;
  • fluorescence microscope NIKON-Eclipse.
comercial research:
  • development of new treatments for skin diseases (skin infections, autoimmune diseases);
  • production of autologous/allogenic therapeutic cancer vaccines;
  • currently used model - murine squamous cell carcinoma (SCCVII), a syngenic C3H/HEN mice model used to study low-immunogenic human tumors of head and neck;
  • study of low-immunogenic human head and neck cancers;
  • preparation of tumor vaccines;
  • treatment of skin diseases.

Methods and research techniques:

  • qPCR;
  • cell cultures (primary hepatocytes, adipocytes, keratinocytes);
  • flow cytometry and ELISA;
  • methylation assay;
  • Western Blotting;
  • isolation of adipocytes from various fat deposits;
  • isolation of hepatocytes (liver perfusion);
  • tumour implantation;
  • in vivo imaging (IVIS).
variants of cooperation: contract research, project, consortium
type of services: analysis, devices for rent, expertises

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