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Department of Indology Faculty of Philology Jagiellonian University
keywords: indology, languages of India, languages of South Asia, literature of India, literature of South Asia, cultures of India, cultures of South Asia, Hindi, Urdu, Sanskrit, Tamil
offer number: 45
Department of Russian Linguistics Faculty of Philology Jagiellonian University
keywords: Russian texts, Old Russian texts, Old Church Slavonic texts, intercultural communication, pragmatic analysis, sematic analysis, Russian linguistics, translation
offer number: 46
Department of the 20th and 21st-Century British Literature and Culture Faculty of Philology Jagiellonian University
keywords: modernism, contemporary British fiction, memory in literature, identity in literature, trauma, terrorism, neo-Victorian fiction, autobiographical fiction, theory od the novel, history of the novel, comparative studies
offer number: 47
Department of Teaching French as a Foreign Language Faculty of Philology Jagiellonian University
keywords: French teaching methodology, foreign language, developing curricula, the latest teaching methods, evaluation, testing, educational activities, translations
offer number: 48
Department of Social Pedagogy and Andragogy, Department of Pedagogy of Culture and History of Pedagogical Ideas Faculty of Philosophy Jagiellonian University
keywords: social pedagogy, andragogy, pedagogy of culture, history of pedagogical ideas, socio-cultural animation, activating, motivating, image of the company, guerilla marketing, brand personality, civil society, third sector, education through play, regional development, fundraising
offer number: 49
Department of Public International Law Faculty of Law and Administration Jagiellonian University
keywords: public international law, human rights, migration law, asylum law, diplomatic law, consular law, law of treaties, international organization law, EU institutional law, law of state succesion, international trade law, humanitarian law, investment law,
offer number: 50
Department of Social Communication Faculty of Philosophy Jagiellonian University
keywords: social communication, media, deliberation, public discourse, crisis, education, identity, social impact of education reform, education reforms, new identities, globalization
offer number: 51
Department of Turkish Studies Faculty of Philology Jagiellonian University
keywords: Turkish studies, etymology, Ottoman Turkish texts, Turkish onomastics, Ottoman paleography, Turkish literature, Orhan Pamuk, history of Turkey, Turkish culture, cultural relations, diplomatic relations, Balkans
offer number: 52
Research Group: History of Greek Culture and Literature Faculty of Philology Jagiellonian University
keywords: Greek culture, Greek literature, Greek prose, Hellenistic period, Empire period, Greek drama, Greek religion, Archair period, Classical period, Alexander romance, Hellinistic Jewish literature, antiquity
offer number: 53
Research Group: Old Russian and Modern Russian Literature (18th – 20th century) Faculty of Philology Jagiellonian University
keywords: Old Russian literature, Modern Russian literature, philosophical idea in Russia, religious idea in Russia, totalitarian culture, literature of national minorities
offer number: 54
Institute of Information and Library Science, Faculty of Management and Social Communication Jagiellonian University
keywords: functional tests, usability, web, management, social communication
offer number: 104
Chair of Negociation, Faculty of Management and Social Communication Jagiellonian University
keywords: management, marketing , HR , communication , competence , change management
offer number: 105
Interdisciplinary Centre for Organisational Research and Development (ICORD) Jagiellonian University
keywords: biznes, organisational research, development, raport, analysis, psychology, management
offer number: 37
Center of Medical Genomics OMICRON
keywords: DNA sequencing, RNA sequencing, molecular biology
offer number:
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ATOMIN 2.0 - ATOMic scale science for the INnovative economy

A center for atomic-scale materials research for an innovative economy, the so-called Atomin 2.0 project, has been established as a part of a joint venture of the Faculty of Chemistry and the Faculty of Physics, Astronomy and Applied Computer Science, Jagiellonian University.

Big Pharma Day online
Big Pharma Day online is an industry meeting on the development of drug projects, organized by CTT CITTRU, happening on March 25, 2021. The event will include expert presentations and individual meetings.
A new, effective method for obtaining common ash cuttings
Discover a new technology for obtaining cuttings of common ash developed by the interdisciplinary research team from the Jagiellonian University and the University of Agriculture in Krakow.
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